Dr Ewelina Hoffman

My expertise is focused on in vitro biological modelling for respiratory diseases, alveolar cell-to-cell signalling and interactions, and in vitro toxicity testing. Before joining ImmuONETM, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Hertfordshire working on the development and validation of multi-parameter high-content assays to investigate alveolar macrophage responses to different stimuli.

At ImmuONETM, I am a Principal Lead Scientist. I use my laboratory skills and expertise to develop and validate our current products portfolio, as well as improve safety testing of new molecules by utilization of high-throughput techniques. I also have a great passion for innovation that would help to comply with 3Rs principles (replacement, reduction and refinement of animal research).

Outside ImmuONETM, I stay active and always try to find time be close to nature by hiking, climbing or sailing.