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IMMUONE™ in house services

At ImmuONE, we are specialists in in vitro inhalation toxicology spanning the entire length of the respiratory tract from nose to alveolus. We offer comprehensive in-house testing services to help you understand and identify the safety and efficacy of your products in the lungs using in vitro, non-clinical assessment methodologies.

Based in the UK, we offer our customers a range of testing service options from standardardised methods (irritation, permeability) to advanced and bespoke assessment strategies (cell-response phenotyping) to meet your needs.

We use a variety of proprietary, non-proprietary and in-house developed in vitro cell culture models to provide the best human physiological relevance for safety assessment. We also work with a number of established animal cell line models to support the translation of inhalation studies in vivo.

ImmuONE is focused in helping you carefully navigate safety decisions and streamline the pre-clinical process.

Screening & Discovery 

Translational Studies & Risk Assessment

Immune Response and Interaction 

High Content Analysis 

Tailored Assessment Strategies

Scientific Support and Consultancy

Alveolar Macrophages

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