We welcome strategic partnerships and collaborations with trailblazing innovators and institutes for opportunities with breakthrough concepts and technologies. Partnering with ImmuONE will provide collaborators with new commercial opportunities within preclinical testing markets. With the help of our incredible partners, we can provide the best services for you

ImmuONE is a biotech company established in April 2019 and is home to experienced scientists. Dr. Victoria Hutter and Abigail Martin started ImmuONE because they are strong believers in the need for relevant alveolar models that better represent human physiology. Abigail commercially validated her developed model during her Ph.D. which led to further support and funding by InnovateUK.

ImmuONE continues to grow at a fast pace and pioneers to innovate in in-vitro technologies helping a wide range of industries to gain better safety predictions while meeting their sustainability goals


We are proudly funded by a number of organisations

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