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Results delivered by a partnerhip

We work hard at ImmuONE to provide quality products and testing services for clientele all around the world. Our innovative in vitro solutions help consumers by providing relevant and reliable endpoints to support the decision-making process and improve risk assessment approaches.  The therapeutics, consumer products, and chemical industries are just a few examples. Our clients can work with us regardless of location, no distance is too far. So, the question is, how do we do it?

Taking the stress out of our work

Working hand in hand with our logistics partner, YSDS, is a game changer. Just because a business is not local, does not mean we can’t provide outstanding service. Forming an alliance with a professional logistics team has proven to be advantageous for our customers. Our study proposals now include shipping costs, removing all the tedious admin work required when sending test items, compounds, or biological samples.  We agree a collection date with our client and that’s it! The shipment is treated with care and consideration, without increasing their workload. Working with YSDS allows both parties unprecedented improvements in shipping efficiency without compromising on quality or adding to costs. 

Expert solution to a sensitive problem 

The models we prepare include specialised, sensitive cells. To accurately represent human physiology, the cells need to be viable outside of the body… therefore they have special requirements. These include being temperature specific, stored carefully, handled appropriately, and transported within a certain time frame. 

Delivering our services to the world

Shipping such biological and chemical items outside the UK presents issues and delays. This is where YSDS have also added value; a professional and experienced logistics team, qualified for the movement of chemicals and biological samples globally. They offer temperature- sensitive logistics monitored throughout the journey, ensuring that immediate action can be taken if there is the slightest deviation. Their experts plan the safest routes and provide risk assessments; with the ability to intervene if they see any potential delays on the horizon. The high level of service, use of the latest shipping technology, and detailed planning have proven to be advantageous. This would be hugely time consuming for both ImmuONE and our clients, but ultimately it is crucial to success.

Meeting the standards our clients deserve

Just as our products are developed carefully by expert scientists, so our logistics must match this. YSDS logistics solutions are GDP-certified and follow ISO 9001 standards. Compromised products can cause more harm than good when used for assessment, so it is crucial to invest in premium logistics methods. The attention our products receive from YSDS ensures that the quality of our products is not impacted by the risks of shipping, or the burden of never-ending paperwork, giving our team more time to work on new innovative products. 

In summary 

Most importantly, the relationship with YSDS makes the process seamless, both for us and our clients, ensuring that we all remain informed, every step of the way. 

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