Dr Victoria Hutter

I initially trained as a pharmacist in 2005 and went on to qualify in 2006 and worked as a hospital pharmacist. However, my placements in early drug development in the pharmaceutical industry inspired me to get into research so in 2007 I returned to the University of Nottingham to begin a PhD in the newly formed Doctoral Training Centre in Targeted Therapeutics funded by the EPSRC and AstraZeneca. My work focussed on developing and characterising human cell models of the lungs.

I then spent 8 years as an academic at the University of Hertfordshire working my way up from lecturer to associate professor. It is here where I established my own independent research team and secured over £6M funding in topical drug delivery and toxicology, developing new innovations and IP in novel human cell culture models and techniques as alternatives to animal testing. I co-founded ImmuONETM in 2019 with Abigail after a successful Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) programme which allowed us to accelerate our human in vitro immunocompetent lung models to market. My role as Chief Scientific Officer spans the scientific and commercial aspects of the company. It’s an exciting role where no two days are the same and it’s great working with a passionate and dedicated team. Outside of work, I have two small children and a few dozen chickens, six quails, two ducks and a goose. I’m also a keen musician and play piano, violin and harp and sing everything from barbershop to opera.