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Breathe in... breathe out...

You have taken one of the 23,000 breaths you take in a day. What we breathe in depends on our location, occupation, lifestyle and health. Every day we are exposed to a wide variety of airborne chemicals – for example pollution, perfume, household sprays, inhaled medications for managing allergies and lung diseases such as asthma.  

Human life has become increasingly dependent on the use of chemicals. The industries that develop and manufacture these products – including pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, chemicals and consumer products –  drive significant economic and societal benefit.

Sometimes the chemicals that are released are the byproducts of
vital activities that society needs to function, such as food production, the burning of fuel or the development of medicines. 

The Problem


To keep their competitive edge, companies must constantly innovate and produce new and effective products but equally the safety of these chemical products must, by law, be tested to ensure that they do not pose a risk to human health.

Testing the safety of inhaled chemicals and medicines and identifying human health responses and risks has traditionally involved the use of animals such as rats, dogs and pigs. This can pose problems however because the lungs and the immune systems of rats, dogs and pigs are not necessarily similar to humans. Just because a rat does not react well to a substance does not mean that it will have any effect on a human lung. Increasingly, there is pressure from regulators, from the public and from within companies themselves to replace animal testing with better systems that represent humans.

And here lies the problem: when it comes to the lungs and the immune system, there are very limited human-relevant testing alternatives to determine human safety. And so, fewer medicines and products reach the market shelf.

Our solution at ImmuONE is to build and provide lab-grown human (essentially, cells in a dish) lung platforms and testing services for assessing the safety of chemicals. We meet industry needs for a relevant and predictive human testing technology and provide tailored in-house testing for all of our clients as needed. Our solution is win-win-win – we support more medicines to market, we enable safer human chemical exposure thresholds as well as reducing unnecessary animal testing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be operative at the forefront of science, innovation and technology, supplying industry with human-relevant non-animal technologies to enable their commercial success while providing improved decision-making tools that result in more rapid discovery and development of medicines, agrichemicals, chemicals and consumer products, and at the same time reducing the need for animal testing.

ImmuONE aims to build a reputation as the most knowledgeable, reliable company in the in vitro immune solutions field with the most appropriate technology for efficient and effective human safety results.

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