Scientific Support and Consultancy

Our team are experts in in vitro respiratory toxicology, specialising in human airway cell and tissue models and assessments. Whether you choose to avail of our services or our products, we are available to provide you with bespoke, personalised support. We work with our clients to conduct an initial analysis to understand their needs, build a scope of work, design a study together to address the specific goals, and prepare an analytical report of the outputs.

Assay development

ImmuONE develops cell assays on-demand, depending on your unique needs. The opportunities to use in vitro methods to support specific inhalation toxicology assessments are vast, yet there are few standardised assessment approaches in this field. We can guide you through the assessments available in the field and fine tune or develop in vitro assays to suit your needs.

We specialise in proteomic, biochemical and morphological endpoints for in vitro tissue cultures and can develop assessments using our state-of-the-art equipment.

High content image analysis

Ideal for adherent or semi-adherent cells. We can create high content imaging assays using up to four fluorescent markers to obtain multiple readouts from a single cell. ImmuONE has developed a range of novel high content or cell painting services to answer specific industry needs. We are at the forefront of research and development in in vitro inhalation toxicology. We already have several research programmes, welcome collaborations with other experts and are always looking to expand to more cell types and systems.

Image flow cytometry

This provides the high throughput performance of flow cytometry with the imagery and functional insights of microscopy, enabling a broad range of applications that would be impossible using either technique alone. Image flow cytometry is ideal for immune cells, cells in suspension or semi-adherent cells. We can create image flow cytometry assays for up to eight fluorescent markers to obtain multiple proteomic, biochemical and morphological readouts for a single cell.

Flow cytometry

Ideal for immune cell analysis. We can simultaneously assess 8 different parameters for individual cells using our flow cytometry systems.

Immune-competent 3D models

The ideal tissue culture model does not always exist for the desired in vitro assay. At ImmuONE we can perform the development and validation of novel 3D tissue culture systems. We have a track record of including immune cells within tissue culture models to generate more physiologically representative in vitro systems.


Clients can consult with our team on a wide range of applications in inhalation toxicology. Whether it’s assay development, tissue culture modelling, data analysis or getting an expert opinion, a member of our team can assist you through the process.


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