That’s a wrap for 2023!

New innovations, new research, new teammates, a new lab – and soon, a new year! Before we turn our attention to 2024, let’s take a step back and appreciate all we’ve achieved so far.

Highlights from ImmuONE’s  First Webinar  

ImmuONE made a significant stride on November 8th by hosting its first-ever webinar, ‘unveiling insights into the next generation of tools for inhalation risk assessment’. The webinar began with a glimpse into ImmuONE’s evolution, emphasizing key milestones and leadership perspectives, presented by Prof. Victoria Hutter.

Joining ImmuONE: Insights from Jo

In our most recent coffee chat, we caught up with Jo Kelsall, our new lead commercial scientist. Jo shared with us her unique career spanning the realms of science and law while also giving us the inside scoop on what life has been like so far at ImmuONE!

Reliable, reproducible, robust: morph_ONE for high content image analysis of the lung 

morph_ONE is a reproducible, mechanistic-driven assay that reveals how inhaled substances affect more than a dozen morphological and biochemical features of alveolar macrophages. The assay helps companies and researchers to correctly interpret the response of the immune system in the lungs to inhaled chemical products, improving product development and ensuring safety as well as saving time and money.

Improving safety assessments of inhaled drugs with ImmuONE’s high content image analysis approaches  

More than half of aerosol medicines under development are terminated due to safety concerns. ImmuONE’s high content imaging or cell painting assays are proven to accurately predict the safety of inhaled compounds by quantifying mechanism-linked morphological and biochemical characteristics within cells, contributing to faster, more informed decision making in the early stages of inhaled drug development.

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