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Unveiling Next-Generation Tools for Inhalation Risk Assessment 

ImmuONE made a significant stride on November 8th by hosting its first-ever webinar, ‘unveiling insights into the next generation of tools for inhalation risk assessment’. The webinar began with a glimpse into ImmuONE’s evolution, emphasizing key milestones and leadership perspectives, presented by Prof. Victoria Hutter. A notable highlight was the organisation’s recent move to an upgraded laboratory in 2023, setting the stage for advanced research and development. 

ImmuONE’s innovative in in vitro models, tailored assessment strategies, and defined cell painting assays took centre stage. These pillars underpin the organisation’s commitment to delivering precise inhalation safety assessments, catering to a spectrum of industries – from pharmaceuticals to consumer products to cosmetics, crop protection and more. 

The webinar shed light on ImmuONE’s arsenal of in vitro screening tools, with a particular focus on the morph_ONE high content image analysis (HCIA) cell painting assay. This predictive high-throughput screening tool emerged as a key player, distinguishing alveolar macrophage response profiles and enhancing the accuracy of assessments. 

ImmuONE’s own innovative products, ImmuPHAGE™ and ImmuLUNG™, were presented as robust in vitro solutions supporting early, informed compound selection and advancing the field of inhalation safety assessments. These products were positioned as instrumental in shaping the future of research and development. 

ImmuONE’s suite of in vitro inhalation services, spanning from toxicology to inflammatory assessments, can provide companies with more human-relevant, robust alternatives to current in vivo methods and caters to the nuanced needs of industries seeking reliable and insightful inhalation safety data. ImmuONE’s expertise in alveolar macrophage immunology can be an asset to companies seeking solutions for testing inhaled products.  

The webinar didn’t just present tools and services; it provided a practical lens into real-world applications within the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Louis Scott shared challenges faced by the industry and showcased ImmuONE as a strategic partner offering tailored solutions and problem-solving expertise. 

As the webinar concluded, it seamlessly transitioned into a commitment for the future. ImmuONE’s role in the landscape of inhalation safety assessments was not merely informative but marked a dedicated contribution to the ongoing evolution of research and innovation. Stay tuned for more revelations and advancements from ImmuONE, shaping the future of inhalation safety! 

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