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ImmuONE_Exploregives you unique complimentary access to our in vitro inhalation safety platforms in the form of 1 x 24 well plate of ImmuPHAGE™.


This immune model can help you to understand the effects chemicals have in the deep lung, an important advantage over other products which are limited to only showing cells to be alive or dead.

It’s well suited in application for a range of sectors, including cosmetics, tobacco, fragrances, agri-chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Get complimentary short-term access to a limited amount of our products so you can to familiarize yourself with our offerings and test them within their own laboratories before purchasing a full service or product. 


ImmuONE’s models can provide a detailed understanding of the immune processes found in the small airways, including particle clearance, inflammation response, and changes in cell function (e.g. foamy macrophages).

The model is composed of alveolar macrophage-like cells assembled in vitro in well plates, that closely represent the form and function of human cells. Substances are added to the well plates, and adverse responses can then be evaluated.

This immune model is fully validated and characterised for cell structure & viability, phagocytic activity and cytokine response. ImmuONE_Explore™ gives you access for a free trial as a product and as part of ImmuONE’s service packages.

*You are eligible for a free trial if you:

  • Are a qualified and credited scientist

  • Can arrange payment for delivery

  • Acknowledge ImmuONE for any external/internal data dissemination

Use of ImmuONE_Explore™ entitles ImmuONE use of company Logo on marketing materials and website.

How can Immuone help you today

Prof. Victoria Hutter

Chief Scientific Officer

Victoria spent 8 years at the University of Hertfordshire from lecturer to professor and established her own independent research team; securing over £6m funding in topical drug delivery and toxicology. This supported the development of new innovations and IP in novel human cell culture models and techniques as alternatives to animal testing.

Dr Victoria Hunter co-founded ImmuONE in 2019 with Abigail Martin after a successful ‘Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research’ (ICURe) programme which allowed us to accelerate our human in vitro immunocompetent lung models to market. Her role as Chief Scientific Officer spans the scientific and commercial aspects of the company.

Dr Louis Scott
Client Relations Manager

Louis is a true believer in the need for robust, animal-free, and human-relevant models in toxicity testing and is an immunologist by trade.

“Exploring the modulation of macrophage biology in commercial testing is pivotal for understanding important aspects of how lungs and bodies are affected by inhaled compounds.

Immune cells are our knights in shining armour when it comes to protecting our body, and by that logic, ensuring their health is incredibly important.”

You can arrange a call with Louis and explore how morph_ONE can speed up and improve the accuracy of your macrophage testing.