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How can ImmuONE help you FURTHER?

Dr Victoria Hunter
Chief Scientific Officer at Immuone

Dr Victoria Hunter co-founded ImmuONE in 2019 with Abigail after a successful Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) programme which allowed us to accelerate our human in vitro immunocompetent lung models to market. Her role as Chief Scientific Officer spans the scientific and commercial aspects of the company.

Dr Louis Scott
Sales Lead

Louis is a true believer in the need for robust, animal-free, and human-relevant models in toxicity testing and is an immunologist by trade. Louis believes exploring the modulation of macrophage biology in commercial testing is pivotal for understanding important aspects of how our lungs and bodies are affected by inhaled compounds. Immune cells are our “knights in shining armour” when it comes to protecting our body, and by that logic, ensuring their health is incredibly important.

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