ImmuONE supports the development of inhaled products that target respiratory diseases

A pharmaceutical company came to us with a novel chemical that was FDA and EFSA-approved for oral delivery, but had not yet been evaluated for inhaled delivery. There were several challenges to address, including potential lung toxicity, target specificity, dose optimisation, and regulatory compliance. The company originally intended to use preclinical animal studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of their new drug. However, ImmuONE were able to provide in vitro human models as a faster, more relevant and accurate alternative.

An overview of the company’s timeline with ImmuONE.

What We Proposed

Following in-depth discussions with the pharmaceutical company, we presented them with a detailed experimental plan, which is summarised below. Using our advanced 3D immune-competent lung model, ImmuLUNG™, used a panel of assessment strategies to answer the client’s questions.

A scope of work proposed by ImmuONE to address the company’s safety concerns.


ImmuONE has the expertise and technology to help pharmaceutical companies navigate the rapidly evolving, increasingly complex regulatory landscape. We offer in vitro lung models that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. Our innovative in vitro human models are designed to help pharmaceutical companies maintain quality control, develop new products, support marketing claims, and defend against legal claims.

Uniquely, ImmuONE lung toxicity testing for drug discovery:

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