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What is ImmuPHAGE™?

ImmuPHAGE™ is a product developed by ImmuONE that can evaluate how substances interact with macrophage cells found in the deep lung’s alveoli (air sacs).

Why is it important?

ImmuPHAGE™ can help users to understand the effects chemicals have in the deep lung, an important advantage over other products which are limited to only showing cells to be alive or dead. This immune model is useful for application in a range of sectors, including cosmetics, tobacco, fragrances, agri-chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as academic researchers who want to better understand human lung responses.

Various products can be tested on ImmuPHAGE™ for health risks, generating a realistic impression of how they affect human lungs .

For example, ImmuONE’s models can provide a detailed understanding of the immune processes found in the small airways, including particle clearance, inflammation response, and changes in cell function (e.g. foamy macrophages).

In some cases, the patented technology can completely eliminate the need for animal testing, whereas in others, it can dramatically reduce the number of animals that need to be tested upon.



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How it works

The model is composed of alveolar macrophage-like cells assembled in vitro in well plates, that closely represent the form and function of human cells. Substances are added to the well plates, and adverse responses can then be evaluated. ImmuPHAGE™ is fully validated and characterised for cell structure & viability, phagocytic activity and cytokine response. ImmuPHAGETM is available for purchase as a product and as part of ImmuONE’s service packages.

Watch our video below to see how to use ImmuPHAGE™:

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